Our team is divided into four sub-teams.



If you're on our team, you're in build. Some more than others, but we all have a hand in it.



The design teams determines the strategy of the robot for the game. They also design the robot on the computer to see if its possible, before manufacturing of the robot begins.



The most awesome team on the team. They are in charge of programming the website, the robot, and quite a bit of wiring as well.

Public Relations

Public Relations

PR is in charge of our public image. Weather it is through videos or talking to our sponsors, they are out best nerd translators.


Our Rookie year was 2013, and we’re all amazed at how far we’ve come! Our first year, we didn’t show up to competition with a working robot, and we very nearly didn’t leave competition with a working robot. Since then, we’ve been involved in six competitions over two years, and have built several off-season robots for show as well.

2012-2013  Our Humble Beginnings

2012-2013 Our Humble Beginnings

In 2013, the challenge was Ultimate Ascent, a competition involving throwing plastic Frisbees and climbing a metal-framed pyramid at the center of the field. As this was the rookie year for all except one of our mentors, it was very much a year of learning: our robot started as a climbing robot, but defaulted to defense for the competition.

2013-2014  Aerial Assist

2013-2014 Aerial Assist

In 2014, the challenge was Aerial Assist, in which alliances earned points by passing the yoga-ball-sized game balls across a truss and down the field to score in high or low goals. Our robot was designed as a passing robot after toying with and discarding the idea of a throwing robot. It was able to easily catch, pick up, and pass the game ball; and with the Mecanum wheels we used we were able to outmaneuver most other robots. We finished 39th out of the nearly 200 teams across the state of Minnesota, and were picked to move on to the finals in competition.

2014-2015  Recycle Rush

2014-2015 Recycle Rush

In 2015, the challenge was Recycle Rush. Recycling bins were stacked, garbage cans were retrieved, and pool noodles were thrown in FIRST's high school robotics competition. Robot size rules were relaxed, leading to our largest robot ever, and we introduced our first autonomous programming this year.

2015-2016  First Stronghold

2015-2016 First Stronghold

This year’s game is Strong hold. Our robot has to break through the defenses and break the other alliance’s stronghold. The defenses are all different and our robot has to be able to break through most of the barriers. There are also boulders that the robot can throw in the other teams tower and score points in either the high or low goals. Once we break the barriers our robot can then break the other alliances stronghold and get more points by scaling the tower and capturing the alliance’s stronghold.